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Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

April 23, 2019

It's our final episode! And yes, I stole the title of M*A*S*H's final ep. I feel we were at least AS culturally significant a show....


0:36 Drink recipe: The Besotted Geek shot


1:33 Top 5: Reasons for ending the show


19:18 Comics: a look back at some of our favorite books


25:27 TV, movies & games: a look back at some of our favorite shows, movies, video games and table top games


51:27 Happy Birthdays


1:04:37 Listener Letters: Otter @SuperfanOtter; Anthony @antmbv; Sean @PittsburghNerd


1:33:37 Shaht-Ahts


1:44:43 Trek Trivia


1:47:30 Contact info & sing-off


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#147 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

#147 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

April 10, 2019

We're joined once again by our pal Otter to discuss animated hit "Into the Spider-Verse", Stork's upset tummy, comics, and more!


Drink recipes: Spider-Man Noir shot; Orange-Gin cocktail


Synopsis: Otter, Peacock, Stork, Otter, Peacock, Stork....


Promo: 365Flick Podcast @365FlicksPod


Draft: fave Spidey villains


Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy!

#146 3rd Annual Tully Awards

#146 3rd Annual Tully Awards

April 3, 2019

It's finally here! Our 2018 movie awards, the last great awards show of the season! Or first mediocre late awards show of 2019! Either way.


Thanks to the following contributors:

Guest host- Otter @SuperfanOtter


Interrupted Tales @taleinterrupted

2DudeReview @2DudeReviewCom

One Giant Leap for Geeks @giantleap4geeks

History of Bad Ideas @BadIdeasPodcast

The Unlucky Ones @TUO_podcast

The Superiority Complex @SoupComplex

Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast @PittsburghNerd

Who the What Now?! @WTWN_Podcast

Everything I Learned from Movies @eilfmovies


Promo: 365Flicks Podcast @365FlicksPod


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#145 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

#145 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

March 27, 2019

Back-to-back Star Trek episodes! I know, we're too kind.


0:57 Drink recipes: Bird of Prey shot; Spock Corpse Reviver cocktail


2:36 Movie review: Peacock


51:12 Getting to Know You: Bad roof & Poo Prints


1:04:55 Comic reviews: Criminal #3; It Came Out on a Wednesday #5; Wonder Twins #2; Tank Girl: Action Alley #3


1:11:33 Nerd News: Endgame trailer; Supernatural ending


1:14:58 TV reviews: Schitt's Creek s3&4; Star Trek: Discovery ep 9&10; Riverdale chp 50&51

             Movie review: What We Do in the Shadows

             Game review: Forbidden Island


1:32:17 Happy Birthdays


1:37:31 Listener Letters: Brent @HVHPodcast; Anthony @antmbv


1:55:03 Shaht-Aht: The Superiority Complex @SoupComplex

             Promos: The Superiority Complex; 365Flicks Podcast @365FlicksPod


1:58:20 Trek Trivia


2:00:24 Contact info & sign-off


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#144 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

#144 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

March 20, 2019

Hot off our most popular episode on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, we've got perhaps the greatest sequel in terms of improving on the original movie, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan! I mean, KHAAAAAAAAAN!!!


0:40 Drink recipes: Romulan Ale shot; Space Slug cocktail


2:51 Movie synopsis: Stork


52:11 Promo: Gotham Lights Podcast @GothamLights


52:50 Draft: Movies adapted from tv shows


58:48 Contact info & sign-off


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#143 St PADDY’S Day Spectacular ‘19 - Leprechaun 3

#143 St PADDY’S Day Spectacular ‘19 - Leprechaun 3

March 13, 2019

We're joined by our two yapping dogs for our third annual St. Patrick's Day ep, this time reviewing cinematic gold Leprechaun 3! Editing this episode was far scarier than the movie.


0:43 Drink recipes: Gold Shilling shot; The Lucky Shamrock cocktail


2:13 Movie synopsis: Peacock


30:32 Getting to Know You: Stork's birthday celebration; Peacock's dad's birthday celebration


42:56 Comic reviews: Domino: Hotshots #1; Giant Days #48; Blossoms: 666 #1 & #2; Daredevil #1; Doomsday Clock #9; The Green Lantern #5; Paper Girls #26; Martian Manhunter #3; Captain America #8; Black Hammer: Age of Doom #8; Black Hammer '45 #1; Punks Not Dead: London Calling #1


1:11:18 Nerd News: Trailers for Dark Phoenix, Shazam, & Hellboy; Arrow cancellation; Idris Elba as Deadshot


1:21:28 Check Out My Poll: Fave nerdy universe


1:27:57 Movie review: Bohemian Rhapsody

             TV reviews: Schitt's Creek s1 & 2; Star Trek: Discovery s2 eps 7 & 8; Riverdale chps 48 & 49


1:57:44 Fear the Reaper: Luke Perry, 52


2:02:57 Happy Birthdays


2:09:55 Listener Letter: Anthony @antmbv


2:16:19 Promo: Gotham Lights Podcast @GothamLights


2:17:03 Trek Trivia


2:21:37 Contact info & sign-off


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#142 Star Trek: The Motion Picture

#142 Star Trek: The Motion Picture

March 6, 2019

We begin our 13-movie mission with thrill-a-second ride, Star Trek: The Motion Picture... Whew....


1:00 Drink recipes: V'Ger shot; Café 1701 cocktail


2:29 Movie synopsis: Peacock


31:10 Getting to Know You: Stork talks power outages; Peacock on being a dick


40:09 Comic reviews: Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #1; High Level #1; Wonder Twins #1; Criminal #1 & #2; Gideon Falls #11


50:15 Nerd News: Netflix cancellations


56:01 Check Out My Poll: Time travel- yay or nay?


57:50 Movie review: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

          TV reviews: Happy Valley s2; Star Trek: Discovery s2 eps 5 & 6


1:11:17 Happy Birthdays


1:23:33 Listener Letters: Steve @eilfmovies; Anthony @antmbv


1:34:23 Shaht-Ahts: Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast @PittsburghNerd; Danger Club Podcast @DangerClubPod

             Promos: Brook Reading Podcast @BrookReadingPod; Gotham Lights Podcast @GothamLights


1:39:00 Trek Trivia


1:42:50 Contact info & sign-off


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#141 The Umbrella Academy

#141 The Umbrella Academy

February 27, 2019

SPOILERS for The Umbrella Academy! Wow, we never have to warn for spoilers. Look at us being all current and stuff!


1:12 Drink recipes: Hazel shot; Margarita No. 5 cocktail


3:47 TV review: The Umbrella Academy- synopsis by Stork


27:37 Tully Awards nominees selection


43:26 Promo: The Gorville Lights @GothamLights


44:16 Contact info & sign-off


As stated at the beginning, we had a power outage and were forced to move some things around. All letters received will be read eventually; thanks for your patience. 


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#140 Punisher & Venom

#140 Punisher & Venom

February 20, 2019

This week we're taking on two of Marvel's top anti-heroes as we review the second season of Netflix's "Punisher" AND Sony's "Venom"! Hide your pancreases! Pancreai? Whatever.


0:57 Drink recipes: Venom shot & Red Russian cocktail


2:32 TV review: Punisher season 2, synopsis by Stork


26:09 Movie review: Venom, synopsis by Peacock


1:00:12 Promo: The Salty Language Podcast @Salty_Language


1:00:53 Draft: Fictional Anti-Heroes


1:20:38 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and why would we do that?!

#139 Valentine’s Day Spectacular 2019 / Better Off Dead

#139 Valentine’s Day Spectacular 2019 / Better Off Dead

February 13, 2019

We celebrate Valentine's Day with zany 80s rom(?)com and John Cusack classic "Better Off Dead"! It's really the only remotely Valentine-y thing about the show in all honesty....


0:57 Drink recipes: Perfectly Good White Boy shot; Gin (I'm Really Sorry Your Mom Blew Up) Rickey


3:45 Movie synopsis: Stork


25:39 Getting To Know You: Stork's failed foray to Ikea; Peacock's bummer birthday


38:16 Comic reviews: The Green Lantern #4; Giant Days #47; Captain America #7; The Quantum Age #6


44:35 Nerd News: Birds of Prey teaser; trailers for Avengers: Endgame, Pet Sematary, Child's Play


59:30 Check Out My Poll: What do you invert the y-axis for in video games?


1:02:34 TV reviews: Luther s 4; American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gionni Versace; Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt final eps; Happy Valley s 1; Riverdale chp 47; Star Trek: Discovery s 2 ep 3

             Movie review: The Meg

             Tabletop game review: A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King


1:47:21 Happy Birthdays


1:53:53 Listener Letters: Otter @SuperfanOtter


2:00:50 Shaht-Aht: 2DudeReview @2DudeReviewCom; Brook Reading Podcast @BrookReadingPod; One Giant Leap For Geeks @giantleap4geeks; Everything I Learned From Movies @eilfmovies

             Promos: Salty Language Pod @Salty_Language; Cinematically Correct @CinematicallyC


2:05:17 Trek Trivia


2:10:17 Contact info & sign-off


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