#122 The Muppets

October 17, 2018

We've had a lot of short episodes lately. This is not one of those episodes. Buckle up buttercup!


0:55 Drink recipes: Tex Richman shot; Kermit cocktail


4:51 Movie synopsis by Peacock


1:10:57 (Yeah, we gushed about The Muppets for over an hour- deal.) Getting to Know You: Stork reminisces over old candy commercials; Pecock laments sitting by a smelly stranger


1:22:22 Comic reviews: The Quantum Age #3; Catwoman #4; Captain America #4; Paper Girls #25; Domino #7; Tank Girl All Stars #4; Giant Days #43


1:35:21 Nerd News: first looks, trailers, and more


1:54:19 Check Out My Poll: remaining 2018 nerd movies you're most excited for


1:55:54 TV review: Riverdale season 3, ep 1


1:58:34 Fear the Reaper: Scott Wilson, 76


1:59:01 Happy Birthdays


2:08:03 Listener franchise pick drawing


2:10:35 Listener Letters: Anthony @antmbv; Otter @SuperfanOtter


2:28:29 Shaht-Ahts: #AllTheHorror @AllTheHorror18; Louise @louisereb


2:30:45 Trek Trivia


2:35:26 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and I will rerun Benson if I have to!


BONUS EP! All the Horror 2018 Clip Show

October 13, 2018

Hello boys and ghouls! Okay, that was terrible. But what's NOT terrible is this clip show featuring tales of terror from SEVEN #AllTheHorror podcasts! Special guests include:







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Drink recipe: All the Horror


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and Happy Halloween!



#121 Bad Taste

October 10, 2018

No, it's not the reason why we have a fanbase; it's the 1987 (look ma- research!) movie written, produced, directed by and starring Peter Jackson!


Drink recipes: Chuck shot; The Boys cocktail


Movie synopsis: Peacock


Draft: fave Beatles songs


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and there's no glowing fingers on these bastards!


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#120 Muppets from Space

October 3, 2018

Just in time for the Halloween season we review this harrowing tale of alien invasion! 


0:58 Drink recipes: Door In a Jar shot; Gonzo cocktail


3:01 Movie synopsis: Stork


33:08 Getting to Know You: The Besotted Geek store; Stork hates on technology; more Peacock misadventures from Vegas


45:52 Comic reviews: Black Hammer: Age of Doom #5; Justice League Odyssey #1; Coyotes #6


55:48 Nerd News: movie & tv trailers; Joaquin Phoenix Joker


1:03:41 Check Out My Poll: The Batawang


1:07:00 Video games & TV: PS Plus September games; latest season of Great British Bake-Off


1:15:37 Happy Birthdays


1:22:10 Listener Letters: Otter @SuperfanOtter


1:27:37 Shaht-Aht: @AllTheHorror18 ; promo: Everything I Learned from Movies podcast @eilfmovies


1:29:19 Trek Trivia


1:35:59 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and may the fish be with you!


#119 Iron Fist season 2

September 26, 2018

Full SPOILERS on this one. I mean as much as you can spoil Iron Fist. Horrible drinking game idea- every time one of us says "fist". Finish your drink if you can hear Peacock giggling.


Drink recipes: Davos shot; Triad cocktail


Draft: favorite superhero movie costumes


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and... Knight, Wing- it's got a little ring to it.


#118 Muppet Treasure Island

September 19, 2018

Grab yer rum me hearties and join ye olde Besotted Geek as we review and rank "Muppet Treasure Island"! Yarrrr! ... Ok, I'm done.


0:39 Drink recipes: Cannonball shot; Long John Silver cocktail


2:42 Movie synonpis: Peacock


23:32 Getting to Know You: Stork's chores; Peacock's tale- The Drunken Assholes and the Escalator


34:17 Comic reviews: Paper Girls #24; Exilium #1; Giant Days #42


40:19 Nerd News: Henry Cavill- Witcher/Superman


42:34 Happy Birthdays


48:03 Listener Letters: newbie Bruce @_mynameisbruce; usual suspects Otter @SuperfanOtter & Anthony @antmbv


1:05:05 Promo: Home Video Hustle podcast @HVHPodcast


1:05:59 Trek Trivia


1:12:35 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and I smell a bozo.




#117 Justice League

September 12, 2018

We finally decided to watch Justice League. For pleasure. And then we didn't have a movie for a mini episode. And we had to watch it again. This is the result of two viewings days apart. Do not try this at home.


Drink recipes: The Unity shot; Parademon Blood cocktail


Draft: Non-movie Justice League? Fave DC characters? I dunno; you tell me.


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and, "Sorry Guys. I didn't bring a sword."



#116 The Muppet Christmas Carol

September 5, 2018

This week we're ringing in September with The Muppet Christmas Carol! #timing


0:42 Drink recipes: Tiny Tim's Cup shot; Cratchit's Nuts cocktail


3:03 Movie synopsis (Stork) & franchise list


23:17 Getting to Know You: Stork's car woes; Peacock gets poisoned


30:25 Comic reviews: Black Hammer: Age of Doom #2; Royal City #14; Scarlet #1; Artifact One #0


39:12 Nerd News: Child's Play remake; Lois Lane joins Arrowverse


42:46 Movie review: I, Tonya / nature documentary rant


47:10 Happy Birthdays


51:50 Listener Letters: @PittsburghNerd@antmbv


1:00:34 Shaht-Aht: #PodNerd; promo: @MGTpodcast


1:02:53 Trek Trivia


1:04:41 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and God bless us, everyone!


#115 G.I. Blues

August 29, 2018

Did you know Elvis Week ended two weeks ago? Well, in honor of that, here we are with our first dip into the Elvis movie franchise. And what better way to start than with "G.I. Blues", if for no other reason than we own it. So sit back, grab a peanut butter and banana sandwich, and have a listen!


Drink recipes: G.I. Blues shot; Lili cocktail


Movie review & franchise list: G.I. Blues


Draft: Fave live action musicals


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and don't step on my blue suede shoes!


#114 The Muppets Take Manhattan

August 23, 2018

We may be a day late, but we're not short on content. Quality, maybe, but not quantity!


0:38 Drink recipes: Manhattan Melody shot; Pete's Diner cocktail


1:56 Movie review of 'The Muppets Take Manhattan'


30:05 Getting to Know You: Stork cries, "Not the bees!"; Peacock goes gray gracefully


39:35 Comic reviews: Death or Glory #4; Coyotes #5; The Seeds #1


45:17 Special comic review: non-spoiler talk on 'Ogre' by @Bob_Salley & @ShawnDaley


49:06 Nerd News: Iron Fist season 2; Spider-Man: Far From Home; Ruby Rose as Batwoman; Supergirl movie; Venom trailer; Patrick Stewart's return to Jean-Luc Picard


1:05:01 TV review: Handmaid's Tale season 2; Movie reviews: Extinction; 47 Meters Down


1:09:28 Happy Birthdays


1:20:41 Listener Letters: @PittsburghNerd@HVHPodcast@SuperfanOtter@antmbv


1:56:24 Shaht-Aht & Promo: @ATMUshow


1:59:05 Trek Trivia


2:00:45 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and don't push it pig!