#94 Lu & Lara / Tomb Raider

April 3, 2018

We SPOIL the new Tomb Raider movie, and Bloodline season 1, and Dunkirk (if you can actually spoil a historic event), plus the usual hijinx


0:47 Drink recipes: Color of Life shot & Fox Chase cocktail


2:35 Movie review: 2018's Tomb Raider, full spoilers


24:00 Getting to Know You: Dishwasher drama & sad shows- oh, Okja also gets spoiled here


36:57 Comic reviews: Doomsday Clock #4; Jessica Jones #18


40:08 TV review: Bloodline season 1; movie review: Dunkirk


49:01 Happy Birthdays


56:39 Shaht-Aht to Interrupted Tales podcast @taleinterrupted ; promo for History of Bad Ideas podcast @BadIdeasPodcast


59:11 Final Business


59:54 Trek Trivia


1:05:58 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and keep reaching for the stars!


#93 Karl & Alisa / Jessica Jones Season 2 / Tullys

March 29, 2018

We get topical with Jessica Jones and then fall back with the Tully awards for 2017 movies!


0:50 Drink recipes: IGH shot; Jessica Jones cocktail. I think there's a spoiler for the show in here somewhere too; you've been warned.


3:25 SPOILER-filled review of Jessica Jones season 2


30:15 Getting to Know You: Stork battles Snowmageddon 2018 & Peacock realizes she's a bad aunt


39:11 Tully Awards! With the help of: @PittsburghNerd@RoughGiraffePod & @Preshaah_Frosty@BadIdeasPodcast@UDPCPodcast@2DudeReviewCom@HVHPodcast


1:43:40 Comic reviews: Punks Not Dead #2; The Fix #11; Kill or Be Killed #17; Aquaman #34


1:59:58 Nerd News: Deadpool 2 trailer; Constantine joining Legends of Tomorrow


2:06:19 TV & Movie review: Riverdale episode 16; Batman: Gotham By Gaslight (SPOILERS)


2:16:31 Happy Birthdays


2:22:19 Listener Letters: Anthony; Otter


2:32:47 Shaht-Ahts: @PittsburghNerd@DAPFpodcast


2:35:43 Trek Trivia


2:42:25 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and thanks to all the great podcasts that helped out this episode; and thanks again to @2DudeReviewCom for hanging out last week!


#92 Bruce, Kitka, Riddler, Joker & Catwoman / Batman: The Movie

March 22, 2018

This week we're joined by our friends from 2DudeReview- Brian, Chad and Karina- to discuss Batman: The Movie! Holy drinking Batman!


2:19 Drink recipes: Kitka shot; Commodore Schmidlapp cocktail


6:45 The 2DudeReview gang (@2DudeReviewCom on twitter) join us to dissect the subtle nuances of 1966's Batman: The Movie. Or just get drunk with us and have a good time. Either way!


59:54 Happy Birthdays: Our usual celebs of the week, plus some Star Wars actors from 2DudeReview!


1:22:07 Trivia: A battle of wits the likes of may never have been seen nor will be seen again- Star Trek and Star Wars nerdiness collide!


1:31:57 Getting to Know You: Stork hates on appliances; Peacock sees a turd, or does she...?


1:41:11 Comic reviews: Vampironica #1; Judas #4; Infidel #1


1:46:54 Special review of graphic novel Samurai Grandpa by Eastin DeVerna & Shawn Daley (@EastinDeverna and @Shawn Daley on twitter)


1:55:57 Nerd News: Trailers for Fantastic Beasts 2 and Avengers: Infinity War


2:01:05 TV reviews: Riverdale #15; Constantine


2:08:55 Listener Letters: Brent & Otter


2:17:32 Shaht-Aht to Frankie Mogwai


2:19:24 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and a BIG thanks to 2DudeReview for hanging out with us, and the makers of Samurai Grandpa for letting us review they're awesome book!


#91 Cody & Bridget / Leprechaun 2

March 14, 2018

St PADDY'S Day Spectacular 2, featuring Leprechaun 2 and... that's about it. Erin go blah!


1:35 Drink Recipes: Morty's Challenge shot; Exploding Leprechaun cocktail


5:04 Movie review of Lep 2


23:52 Getting to Know You: Stork likes The Bodyguard but not the middle finger; Peacock is pumped for Jesus Christ Superstar on NBC


31:20 Comic reviews: Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #3; Giant Days #36; Gideon Falls #1; Captain America #699; The XII #1; Batman: White Knight #6; Bloodshot: Salvation #7


42:34 Nerd News: Legion season 2 trailer; Luke Cage release date; Marvel Comics' The Sentry


45:59 TV reviews: Riverdale #14; British Bake-Off season 4


52:44 Happy Birthdays


57:14 Shaht-Aht to Salty Language Podcast @Salty_Language; Promo for Everything I Learned From Movies @eilfmovies


1:00:09 Trek Trivia


1:08:03 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend & stay green!


#90 T’Challa & Nakia / Black Panther *SPOILERS*

March 7, 2018

In a bizarre turn of events, we manage to be somewhat topical in the movie we SPOIL this week- Black Panther!


0:49 Drink recipes: Black Panther shot; Heart-Shaped Herb cocktail


2:53 SPOILER-filled review of Black Panther- you've been warned!


36:27 Getting to Know You: Stork's birthday rundown; Peacock's expensive bras


44:16 Police Academy franchise list recap


45:45 Comic reviews: Cult Classic: Return to Whisper #1; Royal City #10; Jessica Jones #17


52:35 Nerd News re: Infinity War's release date


54:11 TV reviews (more SPOILERS): Altered Carbon; Penny Dreadful season 3


1:01:01 Happy Birthdays


1:08:56 Listener Letter from Anthony


1:18:51 Shaht-Aht AND promo for Sci-Fi Double Feature Drive-In Podcast @SFDFDIPodcast


1:21:40 A special thank you to last week's guest


1:24:33 Trek Trivia


1:34:37 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and remember to send all hate tweets to @SuperfanOtter!




#89 Connors, Katrina & Tackleberry / Police Academy 7

March 1, 2018

Whereas SOME podcasts like to take a long episode and split it into two (looking at you Superiority Complex), we here at The Besotted Geek like to take two episodes and combine them into one mega-pod! .... Ok, so actually we just kicked it old-school and went really long. #BlameOtter


2:15 Drink recipes: Boris the Bear shot; Blue Russian cocktail


4:40 Movie review of Police Academy: Mission to Moscow. We're finally done!


48:01 Getting to Know You: Storks recording woes; Otter gets forgetful; Peacock has a dream


1:03:26 Casting Couch: We recast the Police Academy franchise with current and all-time actors. Ok, now we're finally done.


1:38:03 Comic reviews: Pumpkinhead #1; Punks Not Dead #1; Aquaman #33


1:48:26 Nerd News: Joss Whedon exits Batgirl, sparking a DCEU rant; Legion season 2 trailer, (somehow) sparking a Punisher rant


2:17:47 Happy Birthdays


2:29:09 Listener Letters from Brent of @HVHPodcast & Sean of @PittsburghNerd


2:47:39 Shaht-Aht to Useless Debates podcast @UDPCPodcast


2:48:55 Trek Trivia


2:53:55 Contact info & sign-off*


2:55:11 Listener Letter from Anthony @antmbv


3:03:03 Outtakes


Thanks for listening (to parts), hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and a very special thank you to our hostage, er, cohost, Otter- we had a great time!


#88 Moses & Laverne / Police Academy 6

February 21, 2018

So close, and yet so far. This week we review the penultimate film in the Police Academy franchise, #6, City Under Siege. One more to go; we can do this....


2:28 Drink recipes: Project Chaos shot & Wilson Heights Gang cocktail


6:19 Review of Police Academy 6: City Under Siege


34:35: Getting to Know You: Stork gets forgetful and Peacock gets hip


47:45 Comic reviews: Bloodshot: Salvation #6; Captain America #698; Judas #3; Kill or Be Killed #16


1:01:01 TV review of Star Trek: Discovery #15 & movie review of Lego Batman


1:14:52 Happy Birthdays


1:24:17 Listener Letter from Otter


1:30:57 Shaht-Aht to 365 Flicks Podcast @365FlicksPod; promo for Useless Debates podcast @UDPCPodcast


1:35:20 Trek Trivia


1:45:03 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and tune in next week for our revenge on Otter....


#87 Young Neil & Knives / Scott Pilgrim

February 14, 2018

It's our Valentine's Day Unspectacular! We review the Scott Pilgrim movie because it's kinda nerdy & lovey-dovey, but that's about it for the V-Day stuff.


2:05 Drink recipes: Scotch Pilgrim shot & Ramona Flowers cocktail


4:47 Review of Scott Pilgrim vs the World


21:32 Getting to Know You: Watergeddon 2 & Fight Club


32:14 Comic reviews: Giant Days #35; Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #2; The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #3; Coyotes #4; Swamp Thing Winter Special #1; Heavenly Blues #5; Batman: White Knight #5; Paper Girls #20


1:01:58 Nerd News: Deadpool 2, Jessica Jones, & Venom trailers; Lobo & Joker rumors


1:13:51 TV reviews of Star Trek: Discovery #14 & Riverdale #13; movie review of It Comes At Night (no spoilers)


1:24:54 Happy Birthdays


1:30:59 Listener Letters: Sean, Otter, & Phil


1:51:36 Shaht-Aht: High Expectations podcast


1:54:37 Trek Trivia


2:02:21 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, & if you like the movie, read the books!


#86 Archie & Veronica / 2017 Comics Spectacular

February 9, 2018

Peacock's back from vacation but we didn't have time for a movie, so we talk tv & comics instead! This episode is dedicated to Phil from Useless Debates....


0:42 Drink recipes: Serpent Bite shot & Spore Drive cocktail


3:11 TV reviews: Star Trek: Discovery #13 & Riverdale #12


14:14 Getting to Know You: Winter of Stork 2: Meatpocalypse; Peacock's trip to Turks & Caicos


25:30 Tiers of a Geek: A look back at the best comics to debut in 2017, plus those that continued to shine last year


36:55 Comic reviews: Judas #2; Lazaretto #5; Jessica Jones #16


46:05 Nerd News: Trailers for Ant-Man and the Wasp, Avengers: Infinity War, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom; Netflix's The Cloverfield Paradox (no spoilers)


51:30 Video game review: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End


54:20 Happy Birthdays


56:54 Listener Letters from Brent, Anthony, & Otter


1:15:57 Shaht-Ahts to Superiority Complex & Wrestling Nerd Alliance podcasts; promo for High Expectations podcast


1:20:53 Trek Trivia


1:28:12 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, & tell a friend! And beware Papa Poutine!


#85 Baby & Debora / Baby Driver

January 30, 2018

What was supposed to be a mini turned into a 2:20+ drunkfest, with Stork sobering up halfway through and Peacock...not. Enjoy! #LittleWhiteCanary


1:01 Buddy & Darlin' shot & Cheryl Bomb cocktail


6:55 Baby Driver review


16:23 Getting to Know You: Stork's delusions of grandeur when being tailed by a car; Peacock's special birthday


27:34 2017 Tully Award nominees breakdown


53:09 Comic reviews: Doomsday Clock #3; Southern Bastards #19; Raven: Daughter of Darkness #1


1:08:09 Nerd News: Supes' trunks; Captain Marvel's colors; Netflix's Sabrina


1:14:51 TV: Penny Dreadful season 2; Star Trek: Discovery #12; Riverdale #11


1:39:11 Happy Birthdays


1:41:53 Listener Letters from Sean & Otter


2:15:36 Shaht-Aht to The Hara Club Radio podcast @TheHaraClub


2:17:11 A very special thank you....


2:18:34 Trek Trivia


2:21:52 Contact Info & Sign-off


Thanks for listening, tell a friend, and send booze- Peacock drank all of ours