#82 Zed & Laura / Police Academy 4

January 9, 2018

It was pretty cold this weekend, so instead of going out to see The Last Jedi, we decided to stay in and "enjoy" Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol. Next time we'll risk frostbite.


0:50 Recipes for the Milt Butterworth shot & C.O.P. cocktail


3:56 Ranking the worst of Police Academy 4 and comparing it to the worst of the first 3 PA movies


24:07 Getting to Know You involving Christmas decorations etiquette, American Gods (the book, cretins), and a weird hat guy


35:05 Tiers of a Geek: ranking the movies in 2018 we most want to see


41:57 Comic reviews of: Giant Days #34; Paper Girls #19; Eugenic #3; Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #1; Captain America #697; Batman: White Knight #4


53:05 TV review of Broadchurch season 3


56:48 Happy Birthdays


58:30 Listener Letter from Otter


1:03:00 Shaht-Aht to Everything I Learned From Movies podcast & promo for Superiority Complex podcast


1:05:55 Trek Trivia- we wipe the slate clean and start a new season


1:10:21 Contact Info & Sign-Off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, and we promise Promise PROMISE to see Last Jedi next time


#81 Mahoney & Adams / Police Academy 3

January 3, 2018

We were too lazy to see The Last Jedi so instead we stayed in and watched Police Academy 3: Back In Training. That's pretty damn lazy.


0:51 Recicpes for 'Nokata' shot & 'Yacht Club' cocktail


3:21 We pick the worst of Police Academy 3 and measure it against the worst of the first 2 in the franchise to build our disaster list


19:21 Getting to Know You: Stork bitches about Christmas gifts and Peacock bitches about produce product placement


24:55 Comics reviews of Doomsday Clock #2 & Jessica Jones #15


27:12 Thoughts on TV show Parks & Rec and reviews of video games Sims 4 & Super Mario Odyssey


38:06 Happy Birthdays


41:35 Listener Letters from Otter & Anthony


50:25 Shaht-Aht to fellow Danger Entertainment podcast Gotham Lights Pod (@GothamLights); promo for fellow castaway podcast What Were They Thinking (@WWTTPodcast)


54:54 Trek Trivia


59:01 Contact Info & Sign-Off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, and keep on coloring!


#80 Roland & Poppy / Dark Tower & Kingsman 2 MINI

December 28, 2017

Holiday week so we decided to just do a short ep about a couple movies that came out a long time ago. And Peacock was hungover, so there's that....


0:50 Golden Circle shot and Dark Tower cocktail recipes


3:28 We cruise through our thoughts on "The Dark Tower" and "Kingsman: The Golden Circle"


9:38 Getting to Know You all about our Christmas haul


18:24 Comic reviews: Wonderful World of Tank Girl #2; Trespasser #4; Lazaretto #4; The Chair #4; Aquaman #31


26:38 Results from Pecock's Party Christmas character invite


28:14 Happy Birthdays


31:35 Listener Letters from Anthony & Otter


44:32 Trek Trivia


49:59 Contact Info & Sign off


Thanks for listening, enjoy, tell a friend, and Happy New Year!


#79 George & Mary / It’s a Wonderful Life

December 21, 2017

Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the tears, but we jumped around from the usual order on this one, so strap in folks; it's a bumpy ride....


0:57 Zuzu's Petals shot & Clarence's Mulled Wine cocktail


6:31 Movie review of "It's a Wonderful Life"


28:23 Tiers of a Geek of 9 Christmas movies we've watched this season, to see which we'll review next year


37:00 Comics reviews: Coyotes #2; Bloodshot: Reborn #4; Royal City #8; Judas #1


49:01 Peacock's Party- local mascot invitee, and Christmas character contenders


52:40 Nerd News re: Disney's purchase of Fox


1:02:21 TV review of Riverdale ep 9


1:04:59 Getting to Know You- Stork ponders express lane etiquette, then critiques Peacock's Christmas cookies


1:16:07 Happy Birthdays, including 2 Defenders


1:17:56 Shaht-Aht AND Promo for Hile on Life podcast (@HileOnLife on Twitter)


1:23:00 Trek Trivia


1:31:56 Listener Letter from Anthony


1:40:21 Contact info & sign-off


Like I said, a bit of a jumble this week. Oh, and there's some Kong: Skull Island talk in there somewhere as well- not too spoilery, so don't sweat it. Anyways, thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, and tell a friend. And happy holidays!


#78 Thor & Brunnhilde / Thor: Ragnarok *SPOILERS*

December 13, 2017

In an effort to remain topical while in the midst of reviewing Police Academy movies, we decided to take a break from Mahoney and the gang and instead reviewed month+ old movie "Thor: Ragnarok"- enjoy! Oh, and be sure to stick around after the end music for a tale of woe from Peacock taken out of the middle of the podcast.


1:18 Thor tie-in shot, Vodkyrie, and cocktail, Bourbon on the Ragnaroks. Lots of thought put into this one folks....


4:22 Full SPOILER review of "Thor: Ragnarok"! Fun drinking game idea- take a sip every time we say 'great'


20:12 Getting to Know You: Peacock's vacation to Asheville, Stork's vacation from Peacock, and more


39:20 Comic reviews of: Giant Days #33; Paper Girls #18; The Fix #10; Captain America #696; Klaus...#1; Batman: White Knight #3


53:03 Peacock's Party: Disney villain results, local mascot choices


57:19 Nerd News: JJ & Tarantino Trek; Jurrasic & Jessica Jones trailers


1:07:11 Riverdale ep 8 review


1:10:28 Happy Birthdays


1:12:42 Listener Letters from Otter, Anthony, and newbie 'Phil'


1:35:33 Shaht-Aht to What Were They Thinking podcast & promo for EILFM podcast


1:39:27 Trek Trivia


1:43:45 Contact info & sign-off


Enjoy, thanks for listening, tell a friend, and don't spoil Star Wars jerkfaces



#77 Eugene & Kathleen / Police Academy 2

December 5, 2017

After that last episode we needed a good sobering up, and nothing does the trick like a Police Academy movie. This time it's #2 (in more ways than one), as we check out our "favorite" recruits in Their First Assignment. Ugh.


0:38 PA2-inspired shot (Lou Curacao) & cocktail (Vinnie's Crunch)


3:59 We pick our least favorite things about PA2 and compare them to our least favorite things from PA1 to see which is worse- good times


25:33 Getting to Know You: Stork decorates for Christmas and Peacock notices a new sign


34:15 Comic reviews including Doppleganger #1, Kill or Be Killed #14, Infernoct #2, & Aquaman Annual #1


41:41 Peacock's party: daytime tv host winner & Disney villain nominees


46:36 Nerd News concerning the Avengers: Infinity War trailer and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix


59:21 TV review of Riverdale ep 7


1:03:00 Happy Birthdays


1:06:21 Listener Letter from Sean of Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast


1:13:34 Shaht-Aht to Danger Entertainment, whose network we joined; promo for fellow 'Castaway, Useless Debates in Pop Culture Podcast


1:17:56 Trek Trivia


1:25:49 Contact info & sign-off


Enjoy, tell a friend, thanks for listening, and y'all come back now, y'hear!


#76 Billy & Dinah / The Punisher

November 29, 2017

This week we show why it's a bad idea to guest on a podcast before doing your own as we drunkenly stumble through The Punisher & more! Special thanks to 2DudeReview for being our 2-hour pregame!


0:23 Shot (Punisher) & cocktail (Agent Orange)


4:45 Review of Netflix's "The Punisher", now with 100% more ranting about Netflix Marvel sex scenes!


38:09 (That's right, we talked about The Punisher for over 30 minutes- enjoy) Getting to Know You: Stork hates large Thanksgivings and Peacock hates Stork's party planning


49:57 Comic reviews: Giant Days 2017 Holiday Special #1; The Unsound #6; Doomsday Clock #1


1:00:48 Peacock's party: Golden Girl results and which daytime TV talk host to invite


1:06:03 Happy Birthdays, including a couple Avengers


1:09:18 Listener Letters from Sean and Otter


1:16:33 Shaht-Aht to Cult 45 Podcast & promo for Hile on Life podcast


1:20:44 Trek Trivia


1:28:26 Contact Info & Sign-off


Also, stick around after the closing music for a fun little outtake from the Thanksgiving convo


Thanks for suffering through this one, don't tell a friend, and sorry to olive producers world-wide....


#75 George & Debbie / Police Academy

November 23, 2017

Yes, we finally bit the bullet and began our viewing and reviewing of the Police Academy movies. God help us all....


1:20 Heroes shot and George Martin-i cocktail


3:15 Review of "Police Academy".  Ugh.


23:30 Getting To Know You featuring Stork's Lunch With Otter and Peacock wanting a bromance


31:24 Top 5 Thanksgiving foods


44:17 Comics reviews of Bloodshot: Salvation #3, Dead of Winter #4, Aquaman #30, & Heavenly Blues #4


54:03 Special comic review of Lonesomes #2 & #3


1:01:09 Peacock's party- Mario villain results and unveiling of next invitees


1:04:37 Nerd News re: Deadpool 2 & Fantastic Beasts 2


1:11:17 TV reviews of Riverdale #6 & Star Trek: Discovery #9


1:27:01 Happy Birthdays


1:31:11 Listener Letters from Papa Nerd & Otter


1:36:13 Shaht-Aht to Wrestling Nerd Alliance and promo for High Expectations


1:43:03 Trek Trivia


1:50:11 Contact Info & Sign off


Thanks for listening, enjoy the show, and tell your sister


#74 Peter & Liz / Spider-man: Homecoming

November 15, 2017

EVERYBODY'S reviewing "Thor: Ragnarok", so we figured we'd stay one step behind and review "Spider-man: Homecoming" instead. Take that, ratings! Hey, they both have at least a mention of Thor and a colon in the title, close enough for us.


0:33 - This week's drinks, the 'Vulture' shot and the 'PDP' cocktail, a drink crafted for our friends at Useless Debates in Pop Culture Podcast, or UDPCPCPDP as they're commonly known. Yeah, lazy, I know.


2:04 - Full-spoiler review of "Spider-man: Homecoming"


12:25 - Getting to Know You: Good Samaritan Stork & Peacock's big night out


20:59 - Comics reviews: Batman: White Knight #2; Eugenic #2; Royal City #7; Moon Knight #188; Tank Girl #1; Coyotes #1; Jessica Jones #14


32:50 - Special comic review: Lonesomes #1


36:01 - Peacock's Topic: Which kids TV host earned the right to party with us, and which Mario villains will vye for a spot to the party?


39:36 - Nerd News: New Star Wars trilogy; Disney buying Fox


44:03 - TV Reviews: Riverdale #5; Star Trek: Discovery #8


50:50 - Happy Birthdays


53:18 - Listener Letters: Otter; Anthony


59:57 - Shaht-Aht / Promo: Kung Fu Drive-In Podcast; Home Video Hustle Podcast


1:02:55 - Corrections: Fun Dip & Cherry Coke; Peacock's score


1:03:42 - Trek Trivia


1:09:11 - Contact Info / Sign-off


#73 Lucas & Max / Stranger Things Season 2 - SPOILERS!

November 8, 2017

This week we SPOIL the hell out of "Stranger Things" season 2, and it even spills into the drinks section a bit, so consider yourself warned!


0:34- Stranger Things-inspired shot, "Leggo Eleven's Trademark Brand Waffles" (still working on that one), and drink, "Dart" 


4:52- Stranger Things 2 discussion, full spoilers. Did I mention there are spoilers?


24:47- Getting to Know You involves our Halloween candy bowl and a trip to the dentist


33:40- Comic reviews of Giant Days #32, The Grave Diggers Union #1, Captain America #695, Lazaretto #3, & Paper Girls #17


44:32- Peacock's Topic: results of last week's poll (alien) and which children's tv show host to invite to the party, because why not


47:37- TV reviews of The Gifted #5, Riverdale #4, & Star Trek: Discovery #7


1:00:01- Board Game review of Ticket to Ride


1:05:00- Happy Birthdays


1:08:31- Listener Letters from Ant & Otter


1:33:27- Shaht-Ahts to 2 Dude Review & Fun Dip and Cherry Coke, and a promo from Superiority Complex


1:38:11- Trek Trivia


1:46:34- Contact info & sign-off


Enjoy, thanks for listening, tell a friend, & drop us a line, won't you?