#72 Jughead & Betty / “Mini”

November 3, 2017

Just a short episode to keep up-to-date on TV & comics. And by short I mean still almost an hour....


0:39 Drinks- Pop's Chock'lit Shot & Sylvia Tilly

3:00 TV recaps of The Gifted #4, Riverdale #3, Star Trek: Discovery #6

13:56 Getting to Know You- Liquor store employees, dog walks, boardgame night

25:12 Comic reviews- Time & Vine #1, X-O Manowar #8, Bloodshot: Salvation #2, The Unsound #5

33:39 Nerd News- Deathstroke movie, Wilson Fisk return

36:45 Happy Birthdays

41:55 Listener Letter- Otter

44:38 Shaht-Aht- Sci-Fi Double Feature Drive In Podcast

48:24 Promo- Everything I Learned From Movies

49:24 Trek Trivia

53:23 Contact Info

54:01 Sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, & spread the word!


#71 Pt 2: The Drunkening

October 31, 2017

Join us as we continue our descent into drunken, sleepy stupor!


First up, we review 13 (oooooh, spooooky) comics, including "Salvagers" #8, Part 4 of "The Wreck Raiders" arc!

27:34 Peacock's Topic: The winner of the Twitter poll determining which nerd gets invited to Peacock's party is revealed, and then make choices for which alien is invited! Don't ask.

32:22 Nerd News: New Black Panther & Punisher trailers, plus some Fantastic Beasts news

43:43 TV Reviews: The Gifted #3, Riverdale #2, & Star Trek: Discovery #5

57:06 Happy Birthdays

1:03:35 Listener Letters

1:39:47 Corrections

1:40:15 Trek Trivia

1:45:32 Contact Info & Sign Off


Enjoy, thanks for listening, and spread the word!



#71 Pt 1 Get Out / Chris & Rose / Halloween Spooktacular 2: Electric Boogaloo

October 25, 2017

Episode 71 was SO long we decided to chop it up, so the first half deals with (mostly) the Halloween stuff: we review "Get Out" while shooting 'Behind the Coagula' and sipping 'The Sunken Place'; Getting to Know You deals with Stork's airport troubles and Peacock's celeb sightings on the train to work; we Tiers of a Geek the 21 horror movies watched this month to round out the show. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!


#70 Bill & Bev / It & It

October 18, 2017

This week we swallow some 'Grey Water' and 'We All Float' while SPOILING & reviewing 2017's "It", and contrasting it with 1990's "It"; Getting to Know You has us ranting about getting booed (not what you think) and phone books; we rehash our Romero Dead list by way of quizzing Peacock; just one comic review- "Lazaretto" #2; Nerd News is all about new movie trailers, and a little Constantine tidbit; we discuss (and SPOIL) "Star Trek: Discovery" ep 4, "The Gifted" eps 1&2, and "Riverdale" ep 1; Peacock's got a new topic involving a party; Happy Birthdays, a Shaht-Aht, a Promo, Trek Trivia & more! Enjoy, and thanks for listening! 


#69 Chuck & Janey / Survival of the Dead

October 10, 2017

We shoot 'Patrick O'Gin' and enjoy 'Plum Island' while reviewing "Survival of the Dead"; the washing machine saga continues, and Peacock has some juicy gossip from the hair salon in 'Getting to Know You'; we reveal the our next film franchise and immediately regret the democratic process that allowed this travesty to take place; comic reviews including "Eugenic" #1 and "Batman: White Knight" #1; Nerd News, Happy Birthdays, a Shaht-Aht and Promo for High Expectations Podcast, Trek Trivia & much more! Enjoy, thanks for listening, and tell your friends!


#68 Gabriel & Philippa / Discovery

October 4, 2017

We battle a 'Voq'a' shot and get lost in 'Saru's Eyes' as we SPOIL the first 3 episodes of "Star Trek: Discovery"; Get To Know Stork's family a little bit; comic reviews, Happy Birthdays, Listener Letters, Corrections, Trek Trivia & more!


#67 Jason & Debra / Diary of the Dead

September 26, 2017

We shoot an 'RV' and partake in a 'Drunken Professor' while ranking "Diary of the Dead"; 'Getting To Know You' introduces new pod dog, Holly; in honor of Batman Day we 'Tiers of a Geek' 6 Batman portrayers; comic reviews including the debut issues of "Bloodshot: Salvation", "Dark Ark" & "Gasolina"; 'Nerd News' has us reviewing some trailers and discussing Harley Quinn's 25th anniversary; Happy Birthdays, Listener Letters, a Shaht-Aht, Corrections, Trek Trivia & more!


#66 Riley & Slack / Land of the Dead

September 20, 2017

We survive 'Fiddler's Green' and bask in the glow of a 'Flaming Hopper' while ranking "Land of the Dead"; Getting to Know You discusses Stork's baldness and Peacock's inability to name a dog; we bring out old bit Tiers of a Geek and decide which 2017 finalist should make the Toy Hall of Fame; we review the pilot of "The Orville"; comic reviews, Fear the Reaper, Happy Birthdays, Listener Letters, Shaht-Ahts, Trek Trivia & a whole lot more! 


#65 Miguel & Sarah / Day of the Dead

September 12, 2017

We shoot a 'McDermott' and down a 'Florida Zombie' as we review 1985's "Day of the Dead"; Getting to Know You includes scratchy loofas and new dog names; Star Trek TV shows are ranked; comic reviews including "Lazaretto" #1; Peacock's Topic involves strange beasts on the island; Nerd News, Happy Birthdays, Listener Letter, Trek Trivia & more!


#64 Steve & Fran / Dawn of the Dead

September 6, 2017

We shoot 'Fran & Steve' and enjoy a 'Blue Zombie' while ranking 1978's "Dawn of the Dead"; new bit 'Getting to Know You' focuses on Stork's phobia of dog weiners (not weiner dogs) & fixing a washing machine; all the Star Trek Twitter polls from the last few months are recapped; comic reviews, including "Hi-Fi Fight Club" #1, plus our standings after last month to see who picks next month's books; Peacock's topic results & "new" topic, which asks what ammentiy would you take to the island; Nerd News deals with a very special Friday & the Joker movie; Fear the Reaper, Happy Birthdays, Listener Letters, a Promo, Trek Trivia & more!