#78 Thor & Brunnhilde / Thor: Ragnarok *SPOILERS*

December 13, 2017

In an effort to remain topical while in the midst of reviewing Police Academy movies, we decided to take a break from Mahoney and the gang and instead reviewed month+ old movie "Thor: Ragnarok"- enjoy! Oh, and be sure to stick around after the end music for a tale of woe from Peacock taken out of the middle of the podcast.


1:18 Thor tie-in shot, Vodkyrie, and cocktail, Bourbon on the Ragnaroks. Lots of thought put into this one folks....


4:22 Full SPOILER review of "Thor: Ragnarok"! Fun drinking game idea- take a sip every time we say 'great'


20:12 Getting to Know You: Peacock's vacation to Asheville, Stork's vacation from Peacock, and more


39:20 Comic reviews of: Giant Days #33; Paper Girls #18; The Fix #10; Captain America #696; Klaus...#1; Batman: White Knight #3


53:03 Peacock's Party: Disney villain results, local mascot choices


57:19 Nerd News: JJ & Tarantino Trek; Jurrasic & Jessica Jones trailers


1:07:11 Riverdale ep 8 review


1:10:28 Happy Birthdays


1:12:42 Listener Letters from Otter, Anthony, and newbie 'Phil'


1:35:33 Shaht-Aht to What Were They Thinking podcast & promo for EILFM podcast


1:39:27 Trek Trivia


1:43:45 Contact info & sign-off


Enjoy, thanks for listening, tell a friend, and don't spoil Star Wars jerkfaces