#85 Baby & Debora / Baby Driver

January 30, 2018

What was supposed to be a mini turned into a 2:20+ drunkfest, with Stork sobering up halfway through and Peacock...not. Enjoy! #LittleWhiteCanary


1:01 Buddy & Darlin' shot & Cheryl Bomb cocktail


6:55 Baby Driver review


16:23 Getting to Know You: Stork's delusions of grandeur when being tailed by a car; Peacock's special birthday


27:34 2017 Tully Award nominees breakdown


53:09 Comic reviews: Doomsday Clock #3; Southern Bastards #19; Raven: Daughter of Darkness #1


1:08:09 Nerd News: Supes' trunks; Captain Marvel's colors; Netflix's Sabrina


1:14:51 TV: Penny Dreadful season 2; Star Trek: Discovery #12; Riverdale #11


1:39:11 Happy Birthdays


1:41:53 Listener Letters from Sean & Otter


2:15:36 Shaht-Aht to The Hara Club Radio podcast @TheHaraClub


2:17:11 A very special thank you....


2:18:34 Trek Trivia


2:21:52 Contact Info & Sign-off


Thanks for listening, tell a friend, and send booze- Peacock drank all of ours


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