#82 Zed & Laura / Police Academy 4

January 9, 2018

It was pretty cold this weekend, so instead of going out to see The Last Jedi, we decided to stay in and "enjoy" Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol. Next time we'll risk frostbite.


0:50 Recipes for the Milt Butterworth shot & C.O.P. cocktail


3:56 Ranking the worst of Police Academy 4 and comparing it to the worst of the first 3 PA movies


24:07 Getting to Know You involving Christmas decorations etiquette, American Gods (the book, cretins), and a weird hat guy


35:05 Tiers of a Geek: ranking the movies in 2018 we most want to see


41:57 Comic reviews of: Giant Days #34; Paper Girls #19; Eugenic #3; Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #1; Captain America #697; Batman: White Knight #4


53:05 TV review of Broadchurch season 3


56:48 Happy Birthdays


58:30 Listener Letter from Otter


1:03:00 Shaht-Aht to Everything I Learned From Movies podcast & promo for Superiority Complex podcast


1:05:55 Trek Trivia- we wipe the slate clean and start a new season


1:10:21 Contact Info & Sign-Off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, and we promise Promise PROMISE to see Last Jedi next time