#80 Roland & Poppy / Dark Tower & Kingsman 2 MINI

December 28, 2017

Holiday week so we decided to just do a short ep about a couple movies that came out a long time ago. And Peacock was hungover, so there's that....


0:50 Golden Circle shot and Dark Tower cocktail recipes


3:28 We cruise through our thoughts on "The Dark Tower" and "Kingsman: The Golden Circle"


9:38 Getting to Know You all about our Christmas haul


18:24 Comic reviews: Wonderful World of Tank Girl #2; Trespasser #4; Lazaretto #4; The Chair #4; Aquaman #31


26:38 Results from Pecock's Party Christmas character invite


28:14 Happy Birthdays


31:35 Listener Letters from Anthony & Otter


44:32 Trek Trivia


49:59 Contact Info & Sign off


Thanks for listening, enjoy, tell a friend, and Happy New Year!