#79 George & Mary / It’s a Wonderful Life

December 21, 2017

Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the tears, but we jumped around from the usual order on this one, so strap in folks; it's a bumpy ride....


0:57 Zuzu's Petals shot & Clarence's Mulled Wine cocktail


6:31 Movie review of "It's a Wonderful Life"


28:23 Tiers of a Geek of 9 Christmas movies we've watched this season, to see which we'll review next year


37:00 Comics reviews: Coyotes #2; Bloodshot: Reborn #4; Royal City #8; Judas #1


49:01 Peacock's Party- local mascot invitee, and Christmas character contenders


52:40 Nerd News re: Disney's purchase of Fox


1:02:21 TV review of Riverdale ep 9


1:04:59 Getting to Know You- Stork ponders express lane etiquette, then critiques Peacock's Christmas cookies


1:16:07 Happy Birthdays, including 2 Defenders


1:17:56 Shaht-Aht AND Promo for Hile on Life podcast (@HileOnLife on Twitter)


1:23:00 Trek Trivia


1:31:56 Listener Letter from Anthony


1:40:21 Contact info & sign-off


Like I said, a bit of a jumble this week. Oh, and there's some Kong: Skull Island talk in there somewhere as well- not too spoilery, so don't sweat it. Anyways, thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, and tell a friend. And happy holidays!