#73 Lucas & Max / Stranger Things Season 2 - SPOILERS!

November 8, 2017

This week we SPOIL the hell out of "Stranger Things" season 2, and it even spills into the drinks section a bit, so consider yourself warned!


0:34- Stranger Things-inspired shot, "Leggo Eleven's Trademark Brand Waffles" (still working on that one), and drink, "Dart" 


4:52- Stranger Things 2 discussion, full spoilers. Did I mention there are spoilers?


24:47- Getting to Know You involves our Halloween candy bowl and a trip to the dentist


33:40- Comic reviews of Giant Days #32, The Grave Diggers Union #1, Captain America #695, Lazaretto #3, & Paper Girls #17


44:32- Peacock's Topic: results of last week's poll (alien) and which children's tv show host to invite to the party, because why not


47:37- TV reviews of The Gifted #5, Riverdale #4, & Star Trek: Discovery #7


1:00:01- Board Game review of Ticket to Ride


1:05:00- Happy Birthdays


1:08:31- Listener Letters from Ant & Otter


1:33:27- Shaht-Ahts to 2 Dude Review & Fun Dip and Cherry Coke, and a promo from Superiority Complex


1:38:11- Trek Trivia


1:46:34- Contact info & sign-off


Enjoy, thanks for listening, tell a friend, & drop us a line, won't you?