The Besotted Geek

#141 The Umbrella Academy

February 27, 2019

SPOILERS for The Umbrella Academy! Wow, we never have to warn for spoilers. Look at us being all current and stuff!


1:12 Drink recipes: Hazel shot; Margarita No. 5 cocktail


3:47 TV review: The Umbrella Academy- synopsis by Stork


27:37 Tully Awards nominees selection


43:26 Promo: The Gorville Lights @GothamLights


44:16 Contact info & sign-off


As stated at the beginning, we had a power outage and were forced to move some things around. All letters received will be read eventually; thanks for your patience. 


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and it's okay to be different!