The Besotted Geek

#135 From Hell

January 16, 2019

No, it's not our recording location, it's the 2001 Johnny Depp / Heather Graham comic book adaptation about Jack the Ripper! Stork's pick for winning last year's games since 'Memento' wasn't readily available. Maybe next year.


1:20 Drink recipes: Grapes shot; Abberline Absinthe Cocktail, um, cocktail


4:02 Movie synopsis: Peacock


28:38 Getting to Know You: Stork buys bok choy; Peacock sees Hamilton


39:40 Comic reviews: Justice League Odyssey #4; Giant Days #46; Domino #10; Green Lantern #3; Midnight Mystery #2; Martian Manhunter #2


46:41 Nerd News: Stranger Things season 3 release date


47:37 Check Out My Poll: 1st wave of comic book movies


50:05 TV reviews: Gotham season 4; Godless; Luther series 1-3

          Movie reviews: Batman and Harley Quinn; Punisher: War Zone; Bird Box; The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

          Game reviews: Splendor; Star Realms; Carcasonne


1:06:38 Happy Birthdays


1:12:26 Listener Letters: Anthony @antmbv; Steve @eilfmovies


1:25:29 Shaht-Aht: Cinematically Correct podcast @CinematicallyC 

             Promo: Danger Club Podcast @DangerClubPod


1:28:06 Trek Trivia


1:34:43 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and at least they got the address right.