The Besotted Geek

#101 Batman & Robin

May 23, 2018

They say it's darkest before the dawn... That's all I got.


1:32 Drink recipes: Buttery Bat Nipple shot; Poison Ivy cocktail


4:26 Movie review of Batman & Robin- notice how Stork tries to speed run it and Peacock drags it out


28:57 Getting to Know You: Water pipe fix; Peacock calls out listener @_mynameisbruce


36:49 Comic reviews: Death or Glory #1; A Walk Through Hell #1; Heavenly Blues #6; Gideon Falls #3


48:39 Nerd News: trailers for Luke Cage season 2 & The Predator; Batwoman coming to Arrowverse


54:27 TV reviews: Riverdale chapters 34&35; 11/22/63; Into the Badlands seasons 1&2


1:12:01 Fear the Reaper: Margot Kidder, 69


1:14:47 Happy Birthdays


1:23:05 Listener Letters from Anthony & Otter


1:38:13 Shaht-Ahts and a promo for @upintenclub


1:42:40 Trek Trivia


1:48:33 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and always winterize your pipes!