#97 Batman Returns

April 25, 2018

We dive back into the Batman franchise with Batman Returns, starring a bunch of cute penguins with rockets on their backs! ~ Peacock


1:06 Drink recipes: Hello There shot; Penguini cocktail


3:17 Movie review of Batman Returns


32:38 Getting to Know You: Little Paco, mole assassin; Peacock B. Natural


42:26 Comic book reviews: Domino #1; Her Infernal Descent #1; Gideon Falls #2; Infidel #2


51:21 Special comic review of Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #1 - find out more at suspiciousbehaviorproductions.com & @SBP_Comics on twitter


58:03 Nerd News: Catwoman comic; Discovery's Captain Pike; trailers for Solo, Deadpool 2, & Jurrasic World 2


1:10:04 TV: Riverdale chp 31; Legion chps 10 & 11


1:29:05 Fear the Reaper: Harry Anderson; Bruno Sammartino


1:36:19 Happy Birthdays


1:48:37 Promo for Hile on Life @HileOnLife


1:49:22 Listener Letter from Otter @SuperfanOtter


1:51:45 Shaht-Aht to Pittsburgh Nerd Podcast @PittsburghNerd


1:53:25 Trek Trivia


1:56:17 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and burn baby, burn!