#93 Karl & Alisa / Jessica Jones Season 2 / Tullys

March 29, 2018

We get topical with Jessica Jones and then fall back with the Tully awards for 2017 movies!


0:50 Drink recipes: IGH shot; Jessica Jones cocktail. I think there's a spoiler for the show in here somewhere too; you've been warned.


3:25 SPOILER-filled review of Jessica Jones season 2


30:15 Getting to Know You: Stork battles Snowmageddon 2018 & Peacock realizes she's a bad aunt


39:11 Tully Awards! With the help of: @PittsburghNerd@RoughGiraffePod & @Preshaah_Frosty@BadIdeasPodcast@UDPCPodcast@2DudeReviewCom@HVHPodcast


1:43:40 Comic reviews: Punks Not Dead #2; The Fix #11; Kill or Be Killed #17; Aquaman #34


1:59:58 Nerd News: Deadpool 2 trailer; Constantine joining Legends of Tomorrow


2:06:19 TV & Movie review: Riverdale episode 16; Batman: Gotham By Gaslight (SPOILERS)


2:16:31 Happy Birthdays


2:22:19 Listener Letters: Anthony; Otter


2:32:47 Shaht-Ahts: @PittsburghNerd@DAPFpodcast


2:35:43 Trek Trivia


2:42:25 Contact info & sign-off


Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy, tell a friend, and thanks to all the great podcasts that helped out this episode; and thanks again to @2DudeReviewCom for hanging out last week!