#76 Billy & Dinah / The Punisher

November 29, 2017

This week we show why it's a bad idea to guest on a podcast before doing your own as we drunkenly stumble through The Punisher & more! Special thanks to 2DudeReview for being our 2-hour pregame!


0:23 Shot (Punisher) & cocktail (Agent Orange)


4:45 Review of Netflix's "The Punisher", now with 100% more ranting about Netflix Marvel sex scenes!


38:09 (That's right, we talked about The Punisher for over 30 minutes- enjoy) Getting to Know You: Stork hates large Thanksgivings and Peacock hates Stork's party planning


49:57 Comic reviews: Giant Days 2017 Holiday Special #1; The Unsound #6; Doomsday Clock #1


1:00:48 Peacock's party: Golden Girl results and which daytime TV talk host to invite


1:06:03 Happy Birthdays, including a couple Avengers


1:09:18 Listener Letters from Sean and Otter


1:16:33 Shaht-Aht to Cult 45 Podcast & promo for Hile on Life podcast


1:20:44 Trek Trivia


1:28:26 Contact Info & Sign-off


Also, stick around after the closing music for a fun little outtake from the Thanksgiving convo


Thanks for suffering through this one, don't tell a friend, and sorry to olive producers world-wide....