#71 Pt 2: The Drunkening

October 31, 2017

Join us as we continue our descent into drunken, sleepy stupor!


First up, we review 13 (oooooh, spooooky) comics, including "Salvagers" #8, Part 4 of "The Wreck Raiders" arc!

27:34 Peacock's Topic: The winner of the Twitter poll determining which nerd gets invited to Peacock's party is revealed, and then make choices for which alien is invited! Don't ask.

32:22 Nerd News: New Black Panther & Punisher trailers, plus some Fantastic Beasts news

43:43 TV Reviews: The Gifted #3, Riverdale #2, & Star Trek: Discovery #5

57:06 Happy Birthdays

1:03:35 Listener Letters

1:39:47 Corrections

1:40:15 Trek Trivia

1:45:32 Contact Info & Sign Off


Enjoy, thanks for listening, and spread the word!