#70 Bill & Bev / It & It

October 18, 2017

This week we swallow some 'Grey Water' and 'We All Float' while SPOILING & reviewing 2017's "It", and contrasting it with 1990's "It"; Getting to Know You has us ranting about getting booed (not what you think) and phone books; we rehash our Romero Dead list by way of quizzing Peacock; just one comic review- "Lazaretto" #2; Nerd News is all about new movie trailers, and a little Constantine tidbit; we discuss (and SPOIL) "Star Trek: Discovery" ep 4, "The Gifted" eps 1&2, and "Riverdale" ep 1; Peacock's got a new topic involving a party; Happy Birthdays, a Shaht-Aht, a Promo, Trek Trivia & more! Enjoy, and thanks for listening!